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New members must be vetted and go through a Range Safety orientation to become a member.   Each prospective member is encouraged to participate in events open to non-members, public hours, and/or to accompany a member as a guest so that club members will have an opportunity to get know the prospective member and observe first hand their handling of firearms. 

 Each year, the number of new members is limited.  Prospective members who become involved and participate in events, will be on the the top of  membership list.

Nonmembers can participate in our  trap shoots on Sunday and Wednesday mornings and/or pistol matches on Thursday and Saturday mornings that nonmembers can participate in..  These are fun matches.  You do have to have to have basic firearm handling experience, the proper equipment and be able to draw a pistol from the holster. You are more than welcome to come out on either of those days to observe and ask questions.

There are hours for the Public that you can come out and shoot rifle or pistol. Cost per day is $10.00 per person.

Check the Calendar of Events at Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club  website  Dates and times are posted there.  

If interested in membership call or email and a member of the Membership Committee will contact with the next step.

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Call:   888 602-0735